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PURPOSE is you, us and everyone. Purpose can be found in everything. Everything finds its origin in the purpose, and nothing arises purposeless. Through PURPOSE we aim to deliver a positive message to inspire people to living a conscious, focused and meaningful life. That makes purpose more than the average brand, PURPOSE is a LIFESTYLE. Our aim is to conquer the hearts. PURPOSE is getting worth for your money. PURPOSE is being humble and kind. We use with the utmost care, the highest quality materials that are also never made under forced labour.

Order, shipping & delivery:

What are PURPOSE’s shipping options?

For PURPOSE it is essential that your package is delivered properly. Because of this we charge shipping costs. We also consider it important that you only pay for the worth of your order.

That’s why we charge the usual PostNL costs for packages that can be delivered in the mailbox.

For a standard package, that cannot be delivered in the mailbox, a higher price is charged.

At this moment we deliver worldwide.

Can I track my order status?

PURPOSE values optimal service for our customers and being able to track your order status includes optimal service. After ordering you receive a tracking code where you can find the status of your order. As soon as your order is shipped, an extra mail will be sent to the e-mail you registered during ordering. After this the postal service (PostNL) will keep you up to date about your order.

What is the average shipping time at PURPOSE?

The average shipping time at PURPOSE is from one to two weeks within Europe.

Free Shipping on all orders over €100
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