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Our story

Nothing is created without a purpose.

This is the ‘why’ of our brand.


For those who put purpose above anything else.

We are not robots. We are human beings, but we do live in a world where more and more people are becoming a robot. Stand up at 7pm. Get ready. Travel to work. Work. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

PURPOSE is here to make a a difference. We want to open the eyes of every human being, by challenging them to question every single thing. Starting by a single cell inside your body. How can it be that one single cell inside your body is more complex than a city like New York? We are not created aimlessly. We are here with a reason.

And… remember that the sun has a purpose, the moon has a purpose, your eyes have a purpose, so why would YOU not have a purpose? People forget why they are here and they TAKE THINGS FOR GRANTED, like your sight and hearing. Through messages like ‘Do not waste water, even if you were at a running stream’ and ‘Richness is not having many possessions, but richness is being content with oneself’ we try to break the status quo. Our mission is to wake every single person up in the whole world.

What if? What if you were born as an adult? What is the first question you would ask? Why am I here? So why do you not search and make it your life mission? The purpose should be our top priority.

The pursuit of PURPOSE

We don’t strive to make a lot of profit. Our goal is to conquer hearts. And it shows. In one year we already got big names commited to our brand like Sofyan Ambrabat. Nowadays we see a lot of brands trying to be a luxurious brand with high prices. Often a materialistic lifestyle is promoted by these brands. We do the opposite. We are humble, yet we want to make the best possible quality of our products. We choose our partners carefully and we are against childlabor. We put purpose over money eventhough our profit would be less. We are striving to choose sustainable materials in order to create a sustainable life for People, Planet and Animals. This is why our products are not the cheapest, but also not expensive. You get value for money.

Purpose over money.

Be part of our message. Wear PURPOSE not only because we have nice and high quality merchandise, but also to inspire others. Make others think. #bethechange #livelifePURPOSE

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